The Big 400….

Masikulu” by Konono No. 1, from the album Congotronics

Here are my five pieces in this year’s Big 400 show at People’s Gallery (link)

As in years past, they had more that 400 participants.  It’s been so much fun doing this show, and I’m always surprised and excited when I get invited to participate again. The premise is simple: provide identically sized panels to many artists and have the work hung without labels, all available for $40 each, cash and carry. The result is  a staggering array of works in many styles hung in no particular order and hundreds of hungry art buyers swarming to grab the pieces they love before someone else grabs them first. It’s an art buying zoo!

Of the many things I appreciate about this show, the part I enjoy the most is the deadline.  I sit and look at the pile of panels, waiting for me to do something. I sort through my mind for the images and events that I might turn to for inspiration. I sort through thousands of photographs captured over the past year, wending my way towards discovering some rules that will govern the work. I can honestly say that the photos I’m most interested in don’t make it onto the panels. No.  This show isn’t about presenting an aesthetic thesis. Instead, I try to look past my usual muses and find things that might be novel for the viewer- a random sampling of where I have been, rather than what consumes me.

This year, in addition to presenting photos and collaborating with my dear friend, artist, designer, and performer Faith Jennings, I also made some collages of photo’s that I took, which was a blast.  Enjoy!


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