Excited to see Bill Callahan this week at Neumos…

Hey all,

Realizing the blog has been dark for a year now, but I guess I want to try and update with at least a song and a photo each week that I’m excited about, more for me that for anyone else… I feel like I’m not leaving much of a bread crumb trail for myself these days, with each moment blending seamlessly, indistinguishably, into the next. So there you have it.

I’m going to see a proper concert this week, that I bought tickets to and everything, and I am PUMPED! I got back into Bill Callahan the morning I returned from Europe this fall, wrapped in a deep jet lag haze… This Song brought me back into his baritone embrace:

Here’s another track in a totally different vibe called “Free’s”, that I’m lovin… what a dainty little flute line!

He’s so sad and beautiful. Autumn music.

For a taste of his live flavor (which I will be tasting  first hand),
check out this live concert in Washington DC from NPR music.

Lastly, here’s an ambiguous cloud photo taken on the journey home from Europe this summer:

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