No one cares about blogs anymore

Sonja is practicing her Bach, as she is wont to do, and the sun is trailing into darkness behind the mountains, and the pot roast is slowly roasting, and this blog is sitting here, unwritten and unread like so many of it’s brothers and sisters out there in the quiet pastures of the internet.

Sonja turns to me and says, “hey remember when you had a blog?”

Yeah, I remember. But don’t call it a blog!!

It’s my place I put up pictures once a year. Blog sounds like it has to be something….

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RIP Gabriel García Márquez

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Some lovely music for you

Here’s an exploration of ancient music warped into a modern envelope of electronic music brought to you by New Sounds on WNYC (which I still listen to, even though I’ve lived all the way across the country for 18 years….)


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Firesign theater…AMAZING!

This came up on my ipod while getting a cleaning at the dentist… give it a listen if you want to get weird!

I strongly recommend headphones.

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The Big 400….

Masikulu” by Konono No. 1, from the album Congotronics

Here are my five pieces in this year’s Big 400 show at People’s Gallery (link)

As in years past, they had more that 400 participants.  It’s been so much fun doing this show, and I’m always surprised and excited when I get invited to participate again. The premise is simple: provide identically sized panels to many artists and have the work hung without labels, all available for $40 each, cash and carry. The result is  a staggering array of works in many styles hung in no particular order and hundreds of hungry art buyers swarming to grab the pieces they love before someone else grabs them first. It’s an art buying zoo!

Of the many things I appreciate about this show, the part I enjoy the most is the deadline.  I sit and look at the pile of panels, waiting for me to do something. I sort through my mind for the images and events that I might turn to for inspiration. I sort through thousands of photographs captured over the past year, wending my way towards discovering some rules that will govern the work. I can honestly say that the photos I’m most interested in don’t make it onto the panels. No.  This show isn’t about presenting an aesthetic thesis. Instead, I try to look past my usual muses and find things that might be novel for the viewer- a random sampling of where I have been, rather than what consumes me.

This year, in addition to presenting photos and collaborating with my dear friend, artist, designer, and performer Faith Jennings, I also made some collages of photo’s that I took, which was a blast.  Enjoy!


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Holiday Travels with my Sister

My sister Emily visited me, and it was awesome! And we went to Portland, and we celebrated Thanksgivukkah, and we saw many friends (and friendly strangers), ate much food and had not too much to drink.

And in the midst of it all, my aunt- my only aunt, my favorite aunt, my father’s sister- her heart stopped and she went into a coma, and less than 2 weeks later, she died without ever waking up.

I know death is part of life, and at some point, there is a conversation with someone that unexpectedly becomes the last one, some time we see each other that reveals itself to be the last time.  I don’t know what to do with that.



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Excited to see Bill Callahan this week at Neumos…

Hey all,

Realizing the blog has been dark for a year now, but I guess I want to try and update with at least a song and a photo each week that I’m excited about, more for me that for anyone else… I feel like I’m not leaving much of a bread crumb trail for myself these days, with each moment blending seamlessly, indistinguishably, into the next. So there you have it.

I’m going to see a proper concert this week, that I bought tickets to and everything, and I am PUMPED! I got back into Bill Callahan the morning I returned from Europe this fall, wrapped in a deep jet lag haze… This Song brought me back into his baritone embrace:

Here’s another track in a totally different vibe called “Free’s”, that I’m lovin… what a dainty little flute line!

He’s so sad and beautiful. Autumn music.

For a taste of his live flavor (which I will be tasting  first hand),
check out this live concert in Washington DC from NPR music.

Lastly, here’s an ambiguous cloud photo taken on the journey home from Europe this summer:

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8 for the Holidays

I had such a good time making these pieces for the Big 300, I decided to give you a glimpse of some of my photographic output from the past 12 months for your art collecting pleasure.

All works are 8×8 inch laminated color photographs mounted on panels, signed and numbered on the back, ready-to-hang. I’m only doing an edition of 5 for each print, so hit me up! Each piece is just $50 plus shipping.

Please send me an email via the contact page if you are interested.
I’m also considering doing paypal or etsy… any thoughts?


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Big 300 at People’s Gallery…. December 8th, 2012

All photos are 8×8 inches, laminated,  mounted on wood panels, ready to hang and EXCLUSIVELY available for just $40 each, cash and carry…. plus 3 collaborative pieces by me, Trevis Pocket, and Faith Jennings!

Get there early if you want to get any of these before they are gone, gone, gone….Work by over 300 artists- can you think of a better way to shop local for the holidays? I can’t!

If you want a little piece of my art but you can’t make it to the show in person, I’m offering a lovely selection of limited edition panel mounted photos that you can check out here.

Big 300, Saturday, December 8th, 2pm
People’s Gallery, 4th Floor at the Pioneer Place Mall


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